Exploring the Safety Features of the New Dodge Journey

Here at Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we believe that the residents of Chandler should be as safe as possible on the road. As such, we often recommend that they look at the new Dodge Journey. This midsize SUV is packed full of safety features that are designed to protect and secure its passengers.

For parking at the grocery store or just backing out of a driveway, the Journey is equipped with a handy Parkview Rear Back-Up Camera. By providing the driver with a crystal clear view of the environment behind them, this camera helps to prevent potential accidents or collisions.

Of course, if the vehicle does happen to get into an accident, it is more than capable of protecting its passengers. Its protective frame, front-seat restraints, crumple zones, and abundance of airbags will help to soften the blow of just about any collision.

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