Ride and Drive in the New Ram 3500

The Ram brand name is synonymous with high quality, long lasting vehicles. None more so than the Ram 3500. The mother of all heavy-duty consumer pickup trucks, the 3500 is working every possible environment- from tundra to oil fields, and sometimes both. The construction of this vehicle is the reason for the long-lasting success of the 3500 line.

The major factor in making this truck so durable is the fact that it has a 1-piece aluminum frame that is also attached to the bed. This allows the truck to avoid problem spots with weld lines or cracks. The transmission on the Ram 3500s are also rock solid and rated for more than 400k miles over their lifetime.

Ride and drive in the new Ram 3500. Visit our showroom at Patriot Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram today!



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